Dave Poeppelmeier

dave poeppelmeier

Dave Poeppelmeier

Relationship Development Manager/REALTOR

Why did you become a real estate agent? I own Investment Properties myself, and have loved the experience. I chose to become a Realtor to continue to help people, in this case to reach their goals of owning and running Investment properties.
What do you like most about being a real estate agent? I love helping put a deal together for my client and helping them get what they want; the best value as well as having a good experience in obtaining their property.
What did you do before becoming an agent? I was a Physical Therapist for 20 years and have been an Investor for the past 7 years.
What is your favorite Toledo-area destination? Why? Sidecut Metropark. I live in Uptown Maumee and it’s great being able to walk/ride/run down to the Maumee river and enjoy the peaceful scenery in all seasons.
Interesting fact about you: At 6’6″, I have the most bumped heads per houses shown in the Greater Toledo area.

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Mobile: (419) 392-1792
Email: dave@laplanterealestate.com
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