Mike Mocek

Mike Mocek

Executive Director/REALTOR

Why did you become a real estate agent? One of the most significant advantage of me becoming licensed was to have the opportunity to meet people that I would never ordinarily meet.  This was the perfect career opportunity for me to socialize, make new connections and learn about people from all walks of life all while having the freedom to grow!

What do you like most about being a real estate agent? I love getting to know people and their stories. Everyone has their own story, and often is wrapped up in the property they are trying to sell, purpose of buying and more importantly, why they are looking to invest in Real Estate. Getting to know new people ensures that every day I get to take a new step up on this career ladder that is different and engaging.

What did you do before becoming an agent? Prior to being a license Realtor, I managed bank owned properties throughout the United States on top of my own property investments. I was the Business Development Director for a Property Preservation company that was continuously expanding in an emerging field all while, purchasing and maintaining my own investment portfolio.

What is your favorite Toledo-area destination? Why? Toledo has so much to offer all walks of life.  From the Toledo Zoo to Fifth-Third (Home of the Toledo Mud Hens). If I had to pick one favorite Toledo-Area destination I would say the Brewery Scene. Craft Breweries in Toledo has a long history with a promising future. The Glass City offers a great selection that boasts many breweries and is always adding to the scene.

Interesting fact about you: When I was younger, I was obsessed with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I must have had every single toy, bedding set, outfit imaginable. I may still have the same collection as an adult. This has turned into a love for animals and a current addiction to my chickens.

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Mobile: (419) 490-1985
Email: mike@laplanterealestate.com
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