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Introducing LaPlante Commitment

Commitment is hard. If you are married or in any sort of long-term relationship you know that is the case. Commitment requires sacrifice. It requires dedication to the process – no matter how long or difficult – because you are driven by purpose. 

At LaPlante Real Estate, we are committed to our mission to be a pioneer in property management excellence: 

LaPlante Real Estate provides comprehensive real estate services and property management. Advocating for responsible and ethical property management, while offering premier services to investors, ensures safe, quality housing for residents, and opportunities for agents, employees, and contractors to grow and serve the community. 

Being a property manager and brokerage gives us the unique opportunity to be committed to more than one stakeholder— our clients, agents, residents, and community. Sometimes this balance is difficult, but we are dedicated to the mission. 

Committed to Clients 

As investors ourselves, we understand the goals of our property management clients. We are committed to helping them find profitable investments and managing these as if they were our own. We endeavor to be a trusted partner to our clients– whether near or far– so they can have peace of mind with their investment. 

To do that, we strike a balance between communicating with owners and removing the stress of self-management. We’re currently working on some exciting technology to help keep owners proactively updated on processes. And, there are plans in the works to create resources to educate owners about all the intricacies of property management. 

Committed to Agents 

There are a million real estate brokerages in existence. Many agents leave the classroom with no idea how to conduct themselves as independent contractors responsible for their own careers and success. They’re instantly bombarded with tools and techniques from door knocking to social media gimmicks to be successful. How do we differentiate our brokerage? Besides providing support to agents whether focused on traditional real estate sales, or a focus on investment properties, we are dedicated to the success of our agents. Success looks different to each agent, so we take a tailored approach. We use a mix of business planning and branding in conjunction with retail and proprietary software to help guide agents to success according to their terms. 

Committed to Residents 

LaPlante is committed to the safety, sanitation, and security of our residents who must have a safe, quality place to call home. This means taking the extra step to communicate with residents and work with all types of situations. 

During the uncertainty of Covid-19 in 2020, we proactively reached out to residents with options to help keep up with rent. But, that was nothing new, because we work daily with several local housing organizations to help residents have a stable living environment. In 2021, we helped facilitate over $690,000 (including utilities) in assistance for our residents. 

We are committed to the equitable treatment of all people. This February we hosted the Fair Housing Center to educate our staff and agents about the laws regarding fair housing. Why? Because LaPlante wants to be a housing provider that is gracious, accommodating, and welcoming. We want to eradicate the negative stigma around property owners by being better property managers. 

Committed to the Community 

At LaPlante, “slumlord” is a dirty word. We strive to be active and beneficial members of the local community. We don’t just do business in Toledo. We are engaged in Toledo. That means that many of our team are involved in the local government, educational system, and community organizations. We share activities for residents and support local businesses and events whenever possible. By being good property managers, we are being good community members. Our doors, phones, and emails are open to input from our neighbors. 

Committed to Excellence 

Everyone on the LaPlante team is committed to bringing excellence in their roles. Earlier this year, Josh spoke about LaPlante Excellence and how it plays into our everyday and future goals and expectations. It is a state of being that is in perpetual motion. We daily bring excellence to the real estate industry. We are continually striving for excellence in the real estate industry.  

This commitment to excellence feeds directly into another core value— service— to our clients and residents. When we bring our A-game, we go home feeling like we made a difference in the world. But that’s not to say it’s easy. As a property management company, we walk a delicate balance between the property owner, the resident, and the community. Keeping all three happy is a balancing act that most companies fail at. We’re dedicated to changing the game in real estate by committing ourselves to daily excellence. 

How do we practice excellence? The team works after hours to quickly resolve issues, respond to inquiries, and contribute to the community. We brainstorm regularly on ways to ease the process for owners and residents. We work with community partners and city departments to bring understanding and education surrounding the complexities of property management. We renovate and maintain Toledo’s housing stock. We invest in innovative technologies to monitor quality and improve processes and enhance our communication.  

In short, the dedication to being excellent in our mission fuels our commitment to property management clients, agents, residents, and communities. It is challenging work. There are plenty of blood, sweat, and tears (sometimes literally!) involved, and the efforts are mostly unseen if we are doing the job well. But, if commitment were easy, it wouldn’t be as valuable. You don’t tackle the status quo of the property management world without being fully invested. That is why commitment is one of our values. We know what’s required to be successful and frankly, we’re down for it. 


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Janeile Cudjoe-Myers

Janeile Cudjoe-Myers

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