Introducing LaPlante Excellence

Several years ago, we started this little company when we smashed two operating business together. Two friends (Andrew + Josh) that initially had no intention of being partners, saw more opportunity if they were.

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The Advantages of Homeownership

When most people hear about LaPlante Real Estate they think of rentals and property management. But what you may not know is that we’re also a traditional, real estate brokerage.

Why You Should Opt for a REALTOR

With the internet it’s easy to think you don’t need a REALTOR to buy or sell property. We give you several reasons you might haven’t heard about on why you do.

Introducing LaPlante Commitment

Commitment is hard. If you are married or in any sort of long-term relationship you know that is the case. Commitment requires sacrifice. It requires dedication to the process – no matter how long or difficult – because you are driven by purpose.